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Complex Care Worker (Job Shadow + Support)

Pivot Point

Fraser Valley, In-Person


Job Summary

Complex Care Workers serve as “behaviour therapists” for children, youth, and adults with highly complex behavioral and emotional disorders and/or development conditions. Under the supervision of a Complex Care Worker, the candidate will learn how to support the complex needs of the individual and family while creating a safe and stable environment. The candidate will have an opportunity to job shadow and act as a team player in both the Community Classrooms and in group and/or family homes and will be invited to participate in staff meetings and with case files.

Candidate: The ideal candidate will be able be communicate effectively with clients, both listening and supporting individual needs and dealing with potentially stressful situations in calm manner. This role will suit students interested in pursuing a career in education, in outreach and/or in the public health sector. Confidentiality is required.

Required student type

Interdisciplinary, Social Work, Psychology

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