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Curatorial Practicum Fall/Winter 2024/25 (Accepting Applications until March 1st, 2024)

The Reach Gallery Museum

Abbotsford, In-Person

Practicum (Position Filled)

Job Summary

The nature of curatorial practice is quickly evolving to meet complex community needs and social contexts. No longer solely the domain of connoisseurs, content experts, and collections specialists, curatorial professionals now incorporate inclusive, pluralistic, and community-centered approaches to the development and presentation of exhibitions and other curatorial outputs.

This practicum offers students the opportunity to gain experience with curatorial research and exhibition development methodologies, fine art handling, preparatory, and installation skills, and to contribute to a wide range of activities in the museum and gallery setting.

Students will:

  • Become familiar with the range of careers available in the gallery/museum sector and provide an overview of the competencies and skills required in the field;

  • Become familiar with curatorial research and exhibition development methodologies;

  • Gain fine art handling, preparatory, and installation experience;

  • Develop curatorial writing skills;

  • Act as a leader in the Emerge program assisting with recruitment and promotion efforts, communications, and event planning;

  • Contribute to ongoing activities, outreach, events and exhibition programming at The Reach;

  • Craft and refine a professional CV that reflects skills gained during the practicum experience.

Required student type

Interdisciplinary, Visual Arts, Art History, Arts Studies

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