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Digital/ Social Media Marketer

Canvas Method

Vancouver, Hybrid


Job Summary

The student will work closely with the Canvas Method atelier team and will be responsible for:

Social Media Marketing

- Assisting our team in developing and maintaining a social media calendar

- Performing a competitive/comparative audit of social media best practices in the fields of art, retail,

and education

- Developing ideas for new content — collaboratively with our team, and individually

- Ongoing engagement with our target audience (upkeep of our social media channels)


- Onsite audit and recommendations

- Offsite audit and recommendations

- Backlink outreach


- Auditing current Google ad campaign

- Recommending optimizations in both ad copy and keyword list

- Writing new ad copy variations with focus on keywords

Email Marketing

- Assistance in reviewing past campaigns

- Assistance in brainstorming strategy optimization techniques and practices

- Performing a competitive/comparative audit of social media platforms, with the intention of

increasing converting traffic.

The Candidate: The successful student will need to be skilled in and passionate about Digital/ Social Media Marketing.

Note: This Vancouver-based position requires in-person meetings with the team at least 50-75% of the time and may work remotely part-time.

Required student type

Graphic Design, Communications, Media Arts

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