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Education and Public Programming Practicum Fall/Winter 2024/25 (accepting applications until March 1st, 2024)

The Reach Gallery Museum

Abbotsford, In-Person

Practicum (Position Filled)

Job Summary


Public programming is a core activity for museums and art galleries around the world. Museum and gallery educators and public programmers are specialists who help cultural institutions fulfill their educational mission. Their role has become increasingly valued as the museum and gallery context has become more complex and public-facing.

Through this experience, the practicum student will learn about the role played by museum/gallery educators and programmers. Learning opportunities will arise in the development, organization, delivery, and promotion of educational and public programs at The Reach.

Students will:

  • Become familiar with the range of careers available in the gallery/museum sector and provide an overview of the competencies and skills required in the field;

  • Become familiar with public and educational program theory, design, and methodology in the gallery and museum context;

  • Gain hands-on experience across a range of activities in the gallery and museum context by contributing to ongoing activities, outreach, events and exhibition programming at The Reach. This includes assisting in the delivery of school programs, tours, and hands-on workshops designed for visitors of all ages and diverse backgrounds;

  • Undertake an independent programming project which may lead to the design and implementation of an educational or public program for The Reach;

  • Craft and refine a professional CV that reflects skills gained during the practicum experience.

Required student type

Interdisciplinary, Visual Arts, Art History, Psychology, Communications, Philosophy

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