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Human Service Leader

Big Brothers Big Sisters and Chilliwack Youth Health Centre (Co-initiative)


Practicum (Position Filled)

Job Summary

HSCEP is looking for UFV students who engage with high schoolers as mentors – students can be from any field of study, however, those enrolled in social science courses (social work, education, criminology, child and youth care, etc.) may be of particular interest. The program runs 1x per month for a full Saturday session + weekly mentorship - the curriculum focuses on building social emotional resiliency while creating meaningful and lasting relationships between the students.  The Saturday sessions includes these topics and more: peer counseling skills, building social emotional intelligence, mindfulness skills, Aboriginal Culture & History, Motivational Interviewing, Understanding Trauma, Human Rights etc. Practicum Students will also leave with additional skill development, completion of course work and certificates.

This program is a multi-level mentoring program, where the UFV mentors support and encourage the high school students to practice their own social service and mentoring skills by going into elementary classrooms during the week to teach younger students about important resiliency skills. This “practicing” of skills helps to solidify deeper learning for the high school students and is called the “Building Social Emotional Resiliency program” (BSER). UFV mentors are assigned a small group of high school students to mentor and shadow as they go into the classrooms to teach important and helpful life skills to younger students.


Candidate: HSCEP Leaders must be consistent, reliable and a positive mentor by modeling responsible behaviors like a strong commitment to learning and growing as a person. A HSCEP leader is someone that is an active participant in sessions and be curious and open to building connections with fellow leaders and HS students. This program thrives when there is diverse group of participants – we are looking for broad range of backgrounds, ideas and experiences in our Mentors!

Note: This opportunity would suit a student who lives in Chilliwack or nearby. The commitment is 5 hours per week as a Group Leader and Classroom Mentor + 1 saturday specialized training per month (total of 80 hours across the semester).

Required student type

Psychology, Social Sciences, Communications, History, Modern Languages, English, Interdisciplinary, Global Development Studies, Political Science, Philosophy, Art History, Graphic Design, Anthropology, Geography, Criminology, Business, Social Work, Economics, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Indigenous Studies, Sociology

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