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Website and Social Media Strategist

Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA)

Hybrid, Abbotsford


Job Summary

This practicum opportunity offers students the chance to develop professional communications content for a non-profit organization. ARJAA is an organization that engages community conflict and wrong-doing outside of the traditional court system. We are looking for a socially minded student who can advise on, and implement, our social media strategy. This student would be responsible for assessing our social media strategy for gaps, make recommendations, curate content, and ensure the content is posted. Platforms currently include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Under the Supervision of the Communications Specialist, the student will be encouraged to develop content that reflects the values of the organization. This will also include the drafting of blog posts and content to be used on ARJAA’s website.

Candidate: This project is ideal for someone with strong writing and social media/content creation skills, with an understanding of EDI, and for someone who is interested in pursuing a creative career in a non-profit organization or social services setting.

Required student type

Communications, English, Psychology, Criminology, Visual Arts

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